Visit Wishbone Home & Design to See Our Signs

October 29, 2018











We are beyond excited to announce that you can now find Simply Stated Designs decor at our favorite Lake Oswego boutique – Wishbone Home and Design!!!  Stop in and check out all their beautiful furniture and accessories!

Wishbone Home & Design – 41 B Avenue – Lake Oswego, OR

Magnetic Chalkboard

October 23, 2018










This custom menu board is a magnetic chalkboard!   A client designed this for a friend that recently moved into a new house.  The Smith Family loves to cook and entertain.  This sign allows them to share the menu with guests, write them a special note or post a favorite quote.  It also allows them to simply use it as a “to do” list when guests are not there.  They can hang recipes with the magnetic function as well.  Such a thoughtful gift!

Visit 3 Brothers Winery for Our Fall Collection

October 22, 2018

Simply Stated Designs fall collection is now available at 3 Brothers Winery!!!   Come enjoy a glass or two of award-winning wines and shop our signs.

Three Brothers Winery  –  2411 NE 244th Street  –  Ridgefield, Wa  98642

The Making of Our Pumpkin Patch Sign

October 19, 2018









Fall in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful and such a fun season to decorate!  It is the time of year that we are moving back inside and are wanting to create a warm and cozy environment.   We love that fall signs can be displayed September – November, so there is a long time to enjoy them.  Our favorite sign in the fall collection is the Pumpkin patch sign!   This sign was designed to make a statement in your home by incorporating several different materials and textures.   The Pumpkin Patch sign is a labor of love… in fact, 11 different people worked on just this one sign between vision, creation, production, and putting it all together.

Step 1 – Graphic Design

  • Our graphic design team is amazing!!!   I share with them a vision and they create a few different proof options to fit that description.   Together we make adjustments if needed until everything is perfect.








Step 2 – Printing Metal

  • The digital department sets up the art and gets it ready to go into production on the large format Titan Printer.
  • Anodized aluminum was selected as the metal because it is a non-shiny surface and the ink will not scratch.









Step 3 – Printing Canvas

  • The digital department sets up the art for the next phase and gets it ready to print on the large format Titan Printer.
  • Canvas was selected to provide texture and warmth.

















Step 4 – Applying Adhesive and Bonding to Sintra

  • A laminator is used to apply heavy-duty 3M adhesive to the metal.
  • Then the metal is carefully lined up to fit onto the flat black sintra material.
  • The bonding process secures the adhesion of metal to the sintra.
  • Sintra was selected as the base because it is a very sturdy flat black material (6mm) that will provide depth and dimension to the final project.















Step 5 – Cutting out the Metal Trucks

  • The large format Esko Router is used to cut out the trucks mounted to sintra.
  • This is a long process because each layer of material takes two passes.   In addition, the cutting bit needs to be manually switched out for the different surfaces.



















Step 6 – Cutting out the Pumpkin Patch Letters

  • The large format Esko Router is used to cut out the 6mm sintra letters.
  • This process is tedious, it takes two passes and each individual letter needs to be cleaned to ensure there is no cutting debris attached.








Step 7 – Template is Designed and Cut

  • The large format Esko Router is used to cut out the template to ensure everything is lined up perfectly.
  • The blade bit has to be changed out again for cutting thick cardstock.










Step 8 – Putting it Together

  • The final step is a lot of fun and very time-consuming!
  • An adhesive is manually applied to the back of each truck and letter.
  • Then they each need to be individually placed into the correct spot on the template and placed into the reclaimed barn wood frame.
  • The final product is high quality and beautiful!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about all the LOVE that goes into our Pumpkin Patch sign!!!


Fall Collection

October 9, 2018





































We are excited to share our fall signs with you!!!

Pumpkin Patch 16×20   {$175)

FALL Sign 16×20   {90}

Thanks & Giving 11×14   {$70}

HARVEST {5’x11″}   {$150}

*Please place orders through the “custom” section.  Include your address in the message box and indicate delivery or pick up in Vancouver at the shop.  Please allow 1 week for production plus delivery.

{Fall Collection displayed and available for purchase at 3 Brothers Winery}

She Shed








Custom “She Shed” sign that was ordered as a gift, for a friend that loves wine and recently built a new space for all her shenanigans.   She wanted something that could hang outside, with a special design that would reflect her friends’ personal style.   This sign is 36×24 and is made out of rust-proof metal.  It was printed using latex ink and over-laminated to protect from fading/scratching in the outdoor elements.  Steph loves her special sign that she received from a very good friend!

Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts

September 12, 2018










A real estate agent asked us to create a few different custom signs that he could give as gifts to his clients.  Pictures above are the 4 different options that were selected.  He searched for a long time trying to find a customized gift that people would want to hang in their home.  He has ordered several and customers love them.  It is a wonderful way to make clients feel special and welcome them into their new home in style.   Such a brilliant idea!!!




















Custom sign for a client’s beautiful dining room (pictured above).  We absolutely adore this quote she selected.   The sign is 48×30 which is very large and it fits perfectly in the living space!

Bunny Barn















This custom sign was made for some lucky bunnies!   A client designed this for her daughters bunny palace.  Her adorable daughters are involved in 4H and love their bunnies.   We installed a heavy duty french cleat on the back to securely hang this large sign, made out of solid reclaimed barn wood.

Balance Sign










We all crave balance!  This was a custom sign made for Barre3 in the vineyard.  This is such an incredible event with an amazing community.  If you have not tried Barre3, I highly recommend you reserve a spot in class today!!!  It is one of my favorite workouts… I always leave feeling balanced, energized, and surprisingly sore.