Custom Logo Sign

January 14, 2019

Final Product!

Are you looking for a unique sign for your company? We can make custom logo signs!

We had so much fun working on this project and learned a lot along the way! This client wanted to make a very special custom logo sign for some friends who recently opened a coffee shop. The shop is located in a mountain town and he wanted the sign to be very rustic to match their decor. This sign is 3′ by 3′ feet made out of real reclaimed barn wood, thick steel that we rusted and sintra to raise the letters. The logo is laser etched into the rusted steel for a weathered look. The logo and letters are all raised to make it multi-dimensional. This sign is even more stunning in person!

First 4 project proof options.
Final project proof that was selected.

The first step of the project is working with the graphic design team to create a visual for the customer based on their requests. This customer wanted to use reclaimed barn wood and metal. We presented him with 4 different ideas using these materials and after seeing the proofs he decided that he wanted to have it even more rustic. He liked the idea of using rusted steel. This was not a process that we had done before but we are always willing to try new things. After doing a lot of research and trying a few different methods… we finally found something that worked well and achieved the rust color he was looking for. We made sure to rust the bolts as well so it all matched. The next challenge was figuring out how to etch the logo into the rusted metal and still have it look worn/rustic instead of the natural shiny grey color that typically happens when etching steel. We did more research and ordered in a special tool to make that happen.

Finishing touches – setting up to install the bolts.

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