The Making of Our Pumpkin Patch Sign

October 19, 2018

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful and such a fun season to decorate!  It is the time of year that we are moving back inside and are wanting to create a warm and cozy environment.   We love that fall signs can be displayed September – November, so there is a long time to enjoy them.  Our favorite sign in the fall collection is the Pumpkin patch sign!   This sign was designed to make a statement in your home by incorporating several different materials and textures.   The Pumpkin Patch sign is a labor of love… in fact, 11 different people worked on just this one sign between vision, creation, production, and putting it all together.

Step 1 – Graphic Design

  • Our graphic design team is amazing!!!   I share with them a vision and they create a few different proof options to fit that description.   Together we make adjustments if needed until everything is perfect.

Step 2 – Printing Metal

  • The digital department sets up the art and gets it ready to go into production on the large format Titan Printer.
  • Anodized aluminum was selected as the metal because it is a non-shiny surface and the ink will not scratch.

Step 3 – Printing Canvas

  • The digital department sets up the art for the next phase and gets it ready to print on the large format Titan Printer.
  • Canvas was selected to provide texture and warmth.

Step 4 – Applying Adhesive and Bonding to Sintra

  • A laminator is used to apply heavy-duty 3M adhesive to the metal.
  • Then the metal is carefully lined up to fit onto the flat black sintra material.
  • The bonding process secures the adhesion of metal to the sintra.
  • Sintra was selected as the base because it is a very sturdy flat black material (6mm) that will provide depth and dimension to the final project.

Step 5 – Cutting out the Metal Trucks

  • The large format Esko Router is used to cut out the trucks mounted to sintra.
  • This is a long process because each layer of material takes two passes.   In addition, the cutting bit needs to be manually switched out for the different surfaces.

Step 6 – Cutting out the Pumpkin Patch Letters

  • The large format Esko Router is used to cut out the 6mm sintra letters.
  • This process is tedious, it takes two passes and each individual letter needs to be cleaned to ensure there is no cutting debris attached.

Step 7 – Template is Designed and Cut

  • The large format Esko Router is used to cut out the template to ensure everything is lined up perfectly.
  • The blade bit has to be changed out again for cutting thick cardstock.

Step 8 – Putting it Together

  • The final step is a lot of fun and very time consuming!
  • An adhesive is manually applied to the back of each truck and letter.
  • Then they each need to be individually placed into the correct spot on the template and placed into the reclaimed barn wood frame.
  • The final product is high quality and beautiful!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about all the LOVE that goes into our Pumpkin Patch sign!!!

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